Monday, March 21, 2011

Prescience, Prophecy or Payback?

Is America Becoming A Hispanic Country?

Ruben Navarrette's article (click above) hit CNN yesterday and the Hispanophobes have loaded their anti-Latino Gatling guns and spraying Xenophobic bullets in any blog comment boxes they can find. Just like the Rapture-to-Heaven-to-Escape-Tribulation groupies, just mention demographic data that proves their culture is on the wane and the veins in their necks begin to bulge like a water hose attached to an over-heated 1974 Toyota engine that's on its tenth replacement in the last 9 weeks, and there is no duct tape in sight.

Hey folks, it's called the Census Track results. Ruben didn't write an article filled with militant Latino rhetoric designed to put down America and its citizens. Neither was the article about whites being racially oppressed written recently by Esther J. Cepeda, concerning the half century influx growth of Hispanics (not just by those who crossed the border without papers) but by the changing demographics impacted as the older white population is on the decline due to death and retirement. Ancient Rome experienced the same problem after a two hundred year power reign; the U.S. culture has broken that record by 150 years or more. Nevertheless, Cepeda has no more rubbed salt in the wounds of a predominately Anglo Saxon culture anymore than Navarette:

"Our country is changing and we need to face those changes together, said Cepeda, Washington Post Writers Group, "and this has to start with honest dialogue based on mutual acceptance. Just as the majority must understand the value of uplifting minorities' quality of life for the betterment of our whole society, so must minorities be willing to respect concerns about the new order of things as more than just the ravings of racists."

There was no hint of any revolutionary rhetoric in her statement, but yet bloggers and commentators throughout the Internet have gone ballistics. Just like they go ballistics every time I mentioned that God loves the aliens (according to Ezekiel 47:22 and some other 250 or more scripture verses) and wants us to treat them as natural born citizens, with equal civility, dignity and respect instead of the vitriol that has become the commonly accepted trash talk text heard through cell phones and Internet chat rooms, and by those who gather around the water coolers of America.  

No!Navarette and Cepeda did not write ethnic slanted, gloating commentaries as if by some communist, anti-American, left-wing radical, revolutionary "reconquista" solder who has failed to pay his MEChA dues for the year. By the way, MEChA is student group of young Latinos and Latinas attending colleges throughout the nation, primarily in the southwestern states, which is now viewed as possibly one of the most feared terrorists groups in the country. Yea! Right. 

Nevertheless. Navarette and Cepeda have become the anti-Hispanic poster kids for millions of Mexiphobes throughout the nation in the last year, hated each day more so as the immigration debate has turned from a heated discussion into a virtual flame thrower war. Their detractors are gaining quick ground on the ADL types who cry "Jew Hater" whenever anyone suggests we need to have a discussion concerning legitimate issues being voiced by Palestinians in the Middle East. 

Mind you, many American folks are not asking people to take sides between Jews and Palestinians. They are wondering what is really going on in that region, because they are seeing stuff on the Internet they have never heard about nor even seen before. Stuff like Jewish and Christian Zionism, Illuminati, New World Order, Bielderbergs, Pharisaic Money-Changers and Nephilim. Most folks call these topics the new Cool Aid being sipped by conspiracy freaks. But us normal folks want to know what this stuff is all about and what it means. But, even raise the question as to what role Jews may be playing in these topics and the ADL whistles begin tweeting and screaming louder than a referee in the last few seconds of a Lakers Trail Blazers championship game. The anti-Semite card is drawn faster than my wife's credit card the moment I say the words, Walmart. The vitriol explodes in your face like a warm shaken can of beer being opened too quickly whether you are at the deli or in a Christian chat room.

Nevertheless, I digress. But not really, because the issue of Hispanics crossing the Mexican border into the US merely to seek work to feed their family, are being viewed (or should I say portrayed) by media and many patriot groups as they being on the same level as HAMAS Jihadists bent on destroying America and its culture. I find this to be more prevalent amongst my Christian brethren. Let me mention one or two scripture to my loving, faith-believing in Jesus Christ, born again, Bible thumping Christians, that God says we are to treat aliens as if they were native born citizens and you would of thought that Pontius Pilate himself jumped over the Guillotine guard rail with a baseball bat and commenced to play home run derby on my knee caps.

But this doesn't surprise me one bit. As a matter of fact, I saw this coming down the pipeline a few decades ago, as I was driving my Jewish friend Michael Bass down Cesar Chavez Boulevard in East Los Angeles back in 1985. I pointed out to him two young Latina mothers pushing their baby strollers down the street and told him: "See that? Those kids in the strollers will multiply faster than you can say Bugs Bunny, and they will be the political and economic wave of the future." Michael just smirked at me like, "Yea, right" and then commenced to change the subject matter.

A few years later, as I had returned to my hometown of Indio, California after spending over 30 years in the fast lane of media, politics and the social services arena, I began writing for several southland newspapers and expressing my feelings about a subject I was familiar with: The hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Latino community, an advocacy role I had played in Los Angeles for over 3 decades.   

One of those articles included my spiritual assessment of the entire issue concerning how America has treated its Mexican neighbors for over a century, and it appeared in La Prensa San Diego on June 30, 2006. I revised and updated the same article about one year ago on one of my current blogs, Our Daily Bread, because I felt it was relevant to the smoldering illegal immigration dialogue that permeated almost every discussion on media and the Internet.

Some people may view my article as prescience, prophecy or even payback. But, it isn't. It's about reality. We (Americans) can view this changing ethnic demographic as a problem (or blessing) that needs to be addressed in a mutually acceptable fashion.  Some may simply continue to hang onto their pride or prejudice. It really doesn't matter. 

As the scripture verse states in Galatians 6:7, Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” 

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