Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Especially To Single Moms!

Holy Daughter, Glory Woman

From beginning, there was Love; celestial ceilings emit the power,

Forever searching His creation; love is bound His Holy nation;

Infant fragile is the woman, vessels golden do not cower,

Seeking Eros, strength and beauty, longs the heart appreciation;

Lifting head in braided awe, splendor lights in eyes of hope,

Like a magnet’s pulling power, now is future so revealed;

Fearing loss of life’s true longing, cataclysm now to cope,

Hearts and shaking mind it flows, lone confusion never sealed;

Love’s impression many colors, rainbows face is filled with fire,

Seeks its passion, pools of doubt, splitting hearts a new;

Three dimensions are the vision, hopes that flame desire;

Shattered glories, strength desired, souls adrift and time is few;

Standing upright Fem in glory, lifting pride where it belongs;

Humble maiden, priceless treasure, needs no reason for her right;

Love has entered open-hearted; your own love has healed all wrongs,

Needing little re-assurance, forever destined filled with might;

When new Eros remind it enters, without the body still complete,

Humble not your blessed honor, from beginning true Love given;

Spirit leading, wisdom offers, filling truth do not compete,

Cling to Love is not for last, upholding birthrights now forgiven,

Moving love in all directions, needless grasps the tarnished halos,

Love reminders all His glory, chosen from beginning;

Fragile beauty filled with power, wisdom en los cielos,

Shatter not your love’s foundation, touching hearts in lovers winning;

Reach His Love in humble service, trumpet regal high it hovers,

Contended courage in the distance, victory’s chalice flowing free;

Darkness passion, heart is shrouded; endless clouds the soul it covers,

Reach instead His Love so freely, true love shines eternally;

Love in motion, moment grasping, sifting sands in moments passion,

Holy Daughters from creation, upright standing pain the story;

Crowning glory in your strength, holds His loves eternal fashion;

First was Love, O Holy Daughter, come now woman, share God’s glory!

By Joe Ortiz, originally penned on February 14, 1998

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