Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are Mexicans Planning to Conquer the United States?

Who is La Raza, What is a Chicano and What is Reconquista?

There is a big hue and cry (mostly from radical white Anglos-Saxon nationalists’ camps), that Mexicans are bent on conquering the United States (through a Reconquista) and want to reclaim what they believe is land that originally belonged to Mexico. These folks charge both Mexican nationals as well as many Mexican American (who were born in the United States) are secretly developing a plan to take back (at least) portions of the US (such as California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, parts of Florida and a big chunk of Nevada. Their clarion call heard often on talk radio and on the Internet is that the Mexicans’ call for Reconquista has been launched.

This audacious rant has been ignited mostly from the incendiary seeds planted by Christian xenophobes like Eric John Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins and also by once Presidential candidate and political commentator, Patrick Buchanan, who charged thus in his 2006 book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America:
“Paralyzed by guilt, we are inviting La Reconquista, the reconquest of the Southwest by Mexico, even as Ferdinand and Isabella affected La Reconquista of Spain in 1492 from the Moors who had invaded eight hundred years before. What Mexico’s elites have in mind, what they are systematically pursuing, is a sharing of sovereignty in these lost lands and their ultimate recapture, culturally, linguistically, by Mexico, no matter which nation holds title to them.” (State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America).

Phelps, on his Vatican Assassins web site, is more salacious in describing this so-called conspiracy as he posted a picture of young angry Mexican protesters flipping the bird at those detractors who were taunting them from the sidewalks, and implies that this demonstration is a preview of a reconquista plan (the conquering of America) which has been launched by and currently being orchestrated by Jesuit Catholics:

“These insulting, arrogant, Alien Roman Catholic Mexican invaders will be registered to vote for the Democratic Party (the Order’s “Social Justice” Communist Party) in Rome’s plot to drive all Whites into the arms of the Jesuits ruling the Republican Party (the Order’s anti-Communist, anti-Black, anti-Jew, White Fascist Party).

"Hatefully Racist Alien Roman Catholic Mexican Invaders Occupied with Fighting and Fornicating, Southwest US, 2010.

"As you can see via the attached picture, these uncivilized, crude and lewd, alien Roman Catholic Mexican invaders are constantly fighting and fornicating, birthing babies as fast as they can so as to have their “anchor babies” receive 14th Amendment citizenship further seeking to justify their presence here in the Pope’s 14th Amendment American Empire (1868-Present). This unpunished, lawless criminal activity has virtually enraged the vast majority of White men—including your Editor—and they have joined the Order’s 80 million-member White Tea Party Movement that is to end in a military dictatorship—the Black Pope’s quest for the last 80 years! In reaping what they have sown, these fighting and fornicating invaders are to be rounded up and sent to the concentration camps for extermination—that is, after the women have been gang-raped and the men are half-beaten to death. When these criminals have served their purpose for the Order, they will be betrayed by those they trusted most—the Society of Jesus!”
Now, mind you, these incendiary statements and images like the one above are being put forth on the Internet to incite Americans throughout the world. They are not coming from radical Nazi skin-heads or members of the KKK, they come from self-proclaimed Christians who use many Bible quotes in their rhetorical rants! Sadly, mainstream media is equally guilty of promoting these xenophobic messages as they selectively use such negative images when they report stories about these protesters!

One can clearly understand the concerns many Americans experience when they see civil rights and immigrant protesters, especially when they subliminally project what appears to them as “Anti-Americanism” rather than what it really is: anger, frustration, rejection and disappointment! I say disappointment because most Mexican kids have been taught early on that “America” (as we used to hear at the opening of the Superman movies and TV shows) stands for “truth, justice and the American way.”

Like me, youngsters throughout the nation grew up with this mantra that spoke about the American Dream, where anyone could grow up to be President if they only worked hard and obeyed the laws of the land. But, unfortunately, most Mexican American kids not only found out later that this slogan isn’t true, they realized they actually were being viewed and portrayed as being inferior! While they were told (and actually taught in the classroom) was that the American Way is the best ideology ever invented. They were taught that American (see photo above) culture is vastly superior to any other in the world. What they were not told was that the American Way is rather a white Anglo-Saxon culture that all other ethnic groups will never be a part of regardless of any civil rights or other equality legislation may be enacted.

Many Americans speak about how their American Identity and culture is the idealism upon which the country was founded: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is admirable and inspiring. But their practice in reality is not a philosophy that portends equality based on ideology, but rather one that inherently demonstrates haughtiness (by their actions against minorities) and pride in the Anglo-Saxon culture, which to them is the true "American" Identity.

In response to this, many Mexican American educators developed classes (primarily called “Chicano Studies”) for these students that showcased the reality that Mexican kids were not inferior to other races (the predominate white culture) but rather their respective Latino forefathers contributed much towards the enhancement of this once great nation. The main (inherent) goal of Chicano Studies, which initially was provided and offered as electives in high schools and later career fields of study in colleges and universities, was to familiarize the students with their rich cultural heritage. It was primarily taught in the halls of learning in schools throughout the southwestern states. Above and beyond providing historical data about the contributions that were made by Mexican Americans, it was also designed to instill an attitude of pride and self esteem to a group of young Mexican kids who for the most part of their lives were told they were insignificant.

They learned that through much blood, sweat and tears, Mexicans (either born here or who have migrated across re-aligned borders) played an integral role in building the United States into the strongest country in the world.

These educators (through diligent research) assembled much data that Mexicans not only represented much the labor force used to build America’s infrastructure and agricultural power, geniosity on behalf of certain Mexicans produced some of the most innovative inventions ever. Thomas Alva Edison, (see photo above) for example, the inventor of the light bulb and phonograph (precursors to inventions we could not do without nowadays) was born of Mexican heritage (although this claim is highly distorted and denounced by many). Also, a little know fact is that Luis Miramontes, a Mexican American chemist, co-invented the contraceptive pill in 1951. Speaking of birthing babies, what would America look like now had we not had that little contraption...er contraception?

We could spend a couple of months citing other great achievements by Mexican nationals and other Latino Americans that have played an integral role in making America a great nation; however, the point here is that Chicano Studies has resulted in young Mexican students being made aware that they (as an ethnic group) need not hang their head in shame by the scurrilous, stereotypical epithets cast at them that Mexicans are mere bandits and whores as they have been portrayed in the early history of motion pictures and television.

In addition to teaching young Mexican American students about their rich cultural heritage, ranging as far back as the Aztec and Mayan cultures (besides the Mexican food and Mariachi music), they were also updated about their most recent history leading up to the annexation of the American southwest. This included a proven blow-by-blow description of how America’s expansionist policy resulted in the arbitrary takeover of much of the southwest. Many people debate this issue and split hairs over details, but, by and large, early Pilgrim Americans were not the indigenous people of the Americas.

Some Chicano Studies teachers also melded into their curriculum the notion there exists a mythical nation called Aztlan. The concept of Aztlan as the place of origin of the pre-Colombian Mexican civilization has become a symbol for various Mexican nationalist and indigenous movements. While some Mexican American students describe Aztl├ín as a “motherland” paradise (a kind of American version of Atlantis, if you will), it nevertheless became a popular mantra of pride for young Mexican American students during the Chicano Movement of the sixties and seventies, and still promoted by a few (very, very few) entrenched leftover radicals at certain high school and college campuses in the southwest.

This new found knowledge had a disconcerting reaction on many of the young idealistic Mexican American students who obviously felt a certain degree of anger when they learned this information. Combined together with knowledge of their past, recognizing theirs has been a rich and vibrant culture going back before the Puritans even landed on Plymouth Rock, when apprised how their native land had been confiscated through nefarious tactics (study President Polk's actions against Mexico), they were obviously upset. This is one of the reasons many of these students and their college professors can sympathize with the plight of the Palestinian people, who after residing in the so-called Holy Land for over 2000 years, a once privileged nation of Jews has come back and seized that parcel of land in the Middle East and has virtually kicked out through military force those indigenous peoples. There lies a giant conundrum. On one hand Mexican youth feel the animus from those who conquered their forefathers, and on the other hand, they want to pursue the same goal Jews are currently pursuing by establishing their own homeland which they call Aztlan. Paradoxically, the inherent parochialism inherent among the contending factions creates a divisiveness that goes contrary to the desired cohesiveness that all ethnic groups should strive for, a truly United States!

The sad part of this is that nativists groups are not aware they are actually being stirred up and manipulated by secret societies who use puppets and lackeys like the Pat Buchanan's and Eric John Phelps of the world, and have actually launched mean-spirited and defamatory media campaigns to not only besmirch these frustrated youths, but to discredit and even promote the destruction of and defunding such groups as the National Council of La Raza, whose sole goal is to advocate the development of resources for Latinos to become self-sufficient. This organization is no worse or better than a myriad of ethnic organizations which have advocated for their respective communities since the founding of our nation, such as the Jewish Federation of North American, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Japanese American Citizens League. Instead of commending and supporting this organization for promoting self-help efforts among its constituents, they accuse NCLR of teaching young Latinos to hate American and white people, which is a blatant lie.

In reality, NCLR provides young Latinos with the opportunity to learn and prepare for the world of work through its economy and workforce projects, orientation to enter the labor market, leadership training and specialized information they seldom receive through traditional education. Moreover, if any of these folks had attended a recent NCLR conference in Washington, D.C., where many successful Americans (such as twice Super Bowl-winning coach Tom Flores) were honored for their contributions to America in communications, sports and leadership, they would have heard the plethora of ‘pro American’ speeches that blatantly decry those allegations. For that matter, Flores’ acceptance speech was filled with several comments about him being proud of being an American.

Yet, a myriad xenophobes (through various media campaigns) continue to mock, taunt and demean Latinos and their advocacy organizations simply because the use the word La Raza, which is a phrase that bespeaks solely the fact that Mexican Americans are not ashamed of their cultural background, but also proud to be American. Sadly, most (Anglo) Americans feel threatened and respond negatively when they hear the words La Raza and Chicano and connect them solely with dissident groups who have demonstrated for various causes no different than organizations such as The Tea Party and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and other American organizations, who practice their right of protest, the oldest and most honorable tradition in America.

Both phrases (La Raza and Chicano) are self adopted to reflect pride in their ethnicity as opposed to the government imposed nomenclature such as "Hispanic" which has been used to identify or classify all people with Spanish surnames into one specific group. This self-identifying phrase grew mostly during the civil rights movement of the early sixties as young Mexican American demonstrators who were tired of being put down by the predominant community were heard chanting the proudfull phrase “Yo Soy Chicano (I am proud of my Mexican heritage)" and “Viva La Raza” (Our people will endure), but never intended to demean or defame their belief and pride in also being born in America. In essence these youths have been saying is that they are “proud to be an American but please don’t put me down because my forefathers came from Mexico, because I have brown skin, and can speak two languages.”
In conclusion, like the many articles we have written to biblically prove that Jews fell out of favor with their Messiah due to lack of faith and disobedience, as well as written extensively in my book, The End Times Passover, no one owns any land in this world but God. Any temporary residence in any land is by the grace and the will of God, as He states through thousands of verses in His Holy word, (Leviticus 25:18-23, KJV)

Sadly, by virtue of its own disobedience to God’s word and His will, America is reaping what it has sowed. But it most certainly is not going to be brought down by a small group of disgruntled Mexican Americans.

Buchanan, Phelps, and many other nationalists will continue to fan the flames of this unfounded straw man and poorly researched Reconquista conspiracy; and, at the same time, will continue invoking the name of Jesus to their own peril! As a matter of fact, I hear more about Reconquista on Christian-oriented radio and televisions shows (as well as on the Internet) than I see on the MSM. Why do these provocateurs continue to incessantly pound this lie into the uninformed American public and even the mainstream Christian community? They do so because it works! The only way to check this leaven is to present ALL the facts to those who will listen. Not only present more data so people can become more informed, but also ask them to use some common sense.

Ask yourself this question: Do these few adherents of the romantic Aztlan notion really pose any or potential threat to the future of the United States? Does our government believe this scurrilous notion? If so, why aren’t they arresting these so-called conspirators? Actually, the government turns its head in the other direction and allows conspiracy provocateurs like Phelps, Buchanan (and let’s not forget Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and even Alex Jones) to do their dirty work for them, inciting their passion, so when it comes time to vote on immigration reform, congress people can say, “I’m merely conveying to you the wishes of my constituents."

We ask, can a handful of Mexican American students, or even advocacy organizations like the National Council of La Raza organize and implement a plan to conquer America? The booster club of 1963 World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers has a better chance, and is more militarily organized to conquer the United States than any group of young Mexican Americans, whose bravado poses a non distinct threat to no one but their own machismo.

But yet, the Kool Aid manufacturers (and drinkers) of this nefarious ploy will stretch this little often heard word – Reconquista - to instill fear in the hearts of gullible Americans (many of them Bible-believing Christians), to motivate them to turn on immigrants whose main purpose for endangering their lives to cross the border is solely to work hard to feed their family.

Unbeknownst to many people, those behind these nefarious plots have a bigger agenda than most Americans who do believe in the American Dream, and who do believe we are a nation of immigrants, who do believe in the Golden Rule for the most part, and would like to see this country move forward with its historical pioneering spirit and genuinely caring heart. But, the Kabbalistic, Pharisaical money-changers of the world will continue using the Phelps of the world to light the incendiary dialogue to keep our great country divided and fighting amongst itself.

I’ll close this message with something I read the other day, by a Jewish commentator, Uri Avnery, a contributor to The Politics of Anti-Semitism, who was discussing the nefarious media campaigns launched by the Nazi to keep the masses in Germany confused, divided and pitted against each other, in order to maintain complete control of its diabolical agenda: It is the beginnings which are critical, when political opportunists realize that arousing fear and hatred is the easiest way to fortune and power, when social misfits become nationalist and religious fanatics, when attacking helpless minorities becomes acceptable as legitimate politics, funny little men turn into monsters.

Is that Dr. Goebbels I hear laughing in hell?
Joe Ortiz is Journalist, radio-TV talk show host, news reporter, syndicated newspaper columnist; published author, public relations consultant and blogger, whose sole purpose is to seek and report the truth, and follow this one command by God:

"Speak out for those who cannot speak, for the rights of all the destitute; Speak out, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the poor and needy, (Proverbs 31:8-9)."

His other blogs include The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation.


  1. When a kid with a shiny new bike flaunts it in front of other kids to make them jealous, should he be surprised if someone steals it? Sure, stealing is wrong, but sometimes we can really provoke others - and such aggravation to me is just as unscriptural as stealing. Both are wrong. Rich Americans, with the help of media
    and entertainment moguls, constantly provoke the less fortunate around the world with pictures of "our wealth." Why do we wonder, then, when poor and helpless minorities break one of the Ten Commandments and covet what rich Americans have? Isn't the provoking one just as guilty in God's eyes as the covetous one? Speaking of God, both the Old and New Testaments deal with servants. Job 31:13-14 ask: "If I did despise the cause of my manservant or of my maidservant, when they contended with me; What then shall I do when God riseth up? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him?" (The rest of this chapter is packed with related wisdom straight from God's throne!) And Colossians 4:1 states: "Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven." Thanks, Joe Ortiz, for your love for all persons and for your deep insights into what ails America!

  2. Get serious, back in the day for many of us, it was really, La Raza Unida Party (pronounced "you need a party", anyone seriously trying to overthrow the best government we ever had, were betting on the wrong horse. Just like the 1% and other leftest movements, they depend heavily on sexual motivation, not true passion for freedom and justice. I can seriously say, those two works are more practically found in so called "conservative" movements like Right to lifers and Tea Party, then in the petty left dialectic rationals always leaving them on top.