Monday, April 22, 2013

25 Years Ago: Joe Ortiz Interviews The Salas Bros (TIERRA)

Click this link>>>Joe Ortiz Interviews The Salas Bros (TIERRA)

(Photo taken at KPZE-AM Radio in Anaheim, CA right after the interview)


 Attached is an MP3 of a one hour interview with the Salas Bros (of TIERRA fame) conducted 25 years ago at KPZE-AM on the "Prime Time with Joe Ortiz" program. This one hour interview will be housed at the Chicano Studies Learning Center at UCLA, along with about another 500 radios shows conducted by Joe Ortiz. The shows will eventually be digitalized and made available for research of Chicano history to teachers and students. How can we study Chicano history without including the significant contributions made to the music industry by The Salas Bros and TIERRA.

Joe has the distinction of being the first broadcaster to ever play TIERRA's music in 1971 on his radio show (IMPACT) at KLOS-FM, before they went on to become the most famous and legendary Latino music group in Chicano history.

If you can't download the MP3, send us an email at Joe.Ortiz9299@gmail.com and we will send it you. Enjoy a piece of Chicano music history.

TIERRA Official Web site

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