Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Links to Joe Ortiz' Blogs and Web Sites


Joe Ortiz, veteran journalist, talk show host and blogger, is the author of two books that challenge the Left Behind and Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven myth, and premillennial dispensationalism precepts and doctrines being promoted by many radical right-wing evangelicals and Christian Zionists.

The two books include The End Times Passover (Etymological Challenges to Millenarian Doctrines) and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (The Sequel to The End Times Passover), published by Author House. The former radio and television talk show host, journalist and news columnist is the first Mexican American to host a show on an English-language, commercial radio station, beginning in 1971 at KABC-AM Radio in Los Angeles. The veteran journalist operates his own full-service public relations company, as well as writes for local, national and world-wide media and several blogs.
Blog addresses below:


Joe's web sites below:

Joe Ortiz Associates   Web site for Joe Ortiz Associates, a full service public relations company
The End Times Passover   Web site to discuss end times topics and to promote books written by Joe Ortiz
Famous fashion critic, Mr. Blackwell, presents Joe Ortiz with the Angel Award for “Best Television Host” at ceremonies held at the famous Coconut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, September 1973.

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